[Fixed... ?]I don't touch OpenAI for 10 days and suddenly I hit the hard limit today, despite doing nothing

What happened? I haven’t touched the OpenAI playground in over a week and all of a sudden I reached my 50 dollar limit today? It’s not showing up on my usage sheet page (it still says I used $37.37), but it seems pretty legitimate since I can’t have the AI generate anything more due to “Hard Limit reached”. I checked the API usage and sure enough, nothing.

Is this some kind of error or something?

Looking at usage limits, it says that I used $50.05 this month, but going to the usage reccords, it still says $37.37, and no records of using OpenAI after July 19th.

Okay, I look at the Usage limits on the billing tab, and now it correctly says I used $37.37, but going to test the AI in the playground, it still says I reached the hard limit.

Now it seems like it’s solved, but I am pretty annoyed at the lack of any customer service.

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