How much time will it take to get aprouved in the ChatGPT developer plugins?

My name is Vigo Walker, I have a idea of integrating my AI (K-AI) With ChatGPT, this is only for my self, I will use this in a (localhost).
The plugin will be able to run code in my enviroment, so it will be able to install the necesary library’s, and make sure hes code works, also I am integrating it with my K-AI in the term that my AI is for now my personal assistant, but he is based on GPT-2 and I fined tuned him alot, with about 900 GB of code / wikipedia info.

anyways, I really hope to get access soon, I am a ChatGPT plus user!!

I got my gpt-4 api key on March 16th, only got the plugin last month, so around 3 months - and that’s when I was the first to contribute with code on the evals repository. I’ve seen some claim they’ve gotten 32k in May, but the official announcements say none has been released. Editing the endpoint you get the 32k - than again, who knows.

So, to respond to your gpt plugin questions: No one knows, I think logan did a twitter post on it and it was also announced by OpenAI? not sure, but keep going over the documentation, that helped me understand better how to build them blindly (while not having access to them)

You may want to try function calling with APIs, basically it is the same functionality as ChatGPT plugins.

okey, do you know how to do this? is there any documentation or something I can check?

hit: It will work like classifier

If these links didn’t work, let me know in this thread and I’ll get back to you with more details.