How do you guys look at costs of vector databases? [Pinecone]

While learning ChatGPT plugins, I followed the tutorial on Github and used Pinecone as the DB.

Querying the OpenAI is very reasonable in price, but I just uploaded a chunk of a PDF I want to use (about 40 pages) and queried it a couple of times, and it already cost me $4.

I don’t really understand how the pricing works there, and does it really have to be that expensive? I am just afraid to put it in front of users for it to explode in cost.

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I don’t think Pinecone charges per query or request - you’re charged based on how many indexes and replicas you have. But the cheapest paid plan is $70/mo which does seem a bit steep.
Pinecone has a pretty solid free tier though, if having one index / one pod works your use case.

Thanks. When installing the plugin I remember getting an error message basically saying that I can’t even proceed without getting a paid account, so I didn’t question it. Not sure if that was true, because I was just able to downgrade to a free version and the plug in still works.

Well - my bad! Thanks!

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