Open AI Plugin Development: who pays for the API usage?

This sounds like a silly question, but if I create a custo Open AI plugin to help users use my software (similar to the Zapier Plugin), who pays for the API usage? OpenAI, the user, or the business?

The user must have chatGPT Plus to access plugins. Is this what you are asking?

If running the API costs you, the plugin developer, to operate… it’s on you.
(That’s exactly my problem too :grinning: )

Hopefully the GPT Store will launch soon and the revenue share model will be such that developers can cover their costs and still make some profit. Otherwise there won’t be much of an ecosystem and only developers who already have another way to make money (think Expedia, Indeed etc.) will develop plugins/GPTs.

For example, Zapier appears to have their ChatGPT Plugin embedded right into their website. I’m not even logged into my Plus account and I’m able to use this ‘plugin’ type functionality. Unless, they partnered with OpenAI and are embedding this in another way that I don’t understand.

Basically, it doesn’t appear they require the user to be logged into thier Plus account. And it’s not clear who is paying for the API usage.

Thanks for your quick message. I mean similar to how Zapier integrated it. See my message below.

It’s not obvious that developer an ChatGPT Plugin uses my API key. I know I have to use it during development for testing purposes, but their documentation doesn’t make it obvious if I pay for it , the user or Open AI. I suppose your vote is the plugin developer pays for it.

You might want to read through the OpenAI docs:

I believe Zapier has created a plugin which talks to their services the ChatGPT interface (plus account). This is all handled within ChatGPT using the Plugins/Actions features. This is all included in your $20/month subscription.

The screenshot you shared does not use the ChatGPT interface (plus account), it is mostly likely using the OpenAI api, which is a totally separate product and NOT included in your ChatGPT Plus subscription. They are probably giving you some free credits to try it or they are just eating the API cost. Here are the API costs (Pricing)