How much do Plugins cost?

I’m interested in understanding how the costs are calculated for using Plugins. Is it all being driven by GPT4?

To use an example, I made 1 request, the snapshot is dv-plugins:2023-03-15, context is 1, context tokens total is 2079, and generated tokens total is 4.

So if it’s GPT4, I’d calculate cost as:

(context_total * .03/1000) = $0.06237
(generated_tokens * .06/1000) = $0.00024
total = $0.06261

Does that sound right, or is there more nuance to calculating the cost of Plugins?


I’m interested by the answer too :slight_smile: I thought using plugins would be free for the users and creators.

The cost sounds like something they may add once plugins are out of testing phase. Maybe also in future plugins that would require less powerful models hopefully maybe will be able to use them. But maybe plugins with be a GPT 4 thing only.

It’s possible the usage is free, but I currently don’t have an easy way of testing as I’m not in the limited alpha. I’ve noticed a few endpoints that are free, such as Edit and Moderation operations.

If anyone has sample usage they can share from their dashboard with the Plugins, that would also help me answer this question. If you have the usage, I’d need to see your total token usage and the cost for that day.

Based on the ChatGPT Plugins URL I am seeing, I do not believe that the current model available is GPT-4:

By comparison, here is the URL for a starting a GPT-4 ChatGPT session:

Here is a little bit more about some of the models that OpenAI uses:
Models - OpenAI API

Plug-in api calls should be free, this is mostly to OpenAi’s benefit. Walled gardens generally benefit the ones who controls the walls.

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Oh interesting. That text-davinci model is a GPT3.5 model. I wonder if it’s used for all Plugin API calls? If so, I would guess the cost is $0.002 per 1,000 tokens.

I’d say 3.5 is really your only option at the moment.

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Whether it’s 4 or not, the outputs are not look like the old Davinci-002 (based on my observation), it can pretty good handle the long outputs but not more than 8k ( also based on experience)

As far as I can tell, it seems like it is free for right now. This is part of the ChatGPT plus service, so that kind of makes sense. Most consumers don’t want to have to worry about paying for API calls, they want a more simplified billing. Perhaps they might offer x number of plugins/integrations for a specific tier of ChatGPT? Or they might rate limit how much you can use the plugins, like they do with the GPT-4 model and ChatGPT.

They may charge the people making the plugins, but I haven’t seen any mention of that so far. I think it is more likely that plugins with simply be a bonus feature that paying customers get access to, in order to entice more people to sign up for a paid version of ChatGPT (or higher tier paid version of ChatGPT).

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Right now chatGPT costs my flat $20/mo chatGPT plus subscription.
Calls from chatGPT TO my plugin don’t cost anything. However, when my plugin internally calls the openAI api to do some text processing, I get charged the normal api fees. most of my plugin internal calls are to gpt-3.5-turbo, so since the plugin is (at the moment) limited to use by me only, the cost is usually only a few cents a day.
but again, that’s my plugin’s use of the api, not the result of simply running a plugin.

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Based on my experience, it’s pretty clear that the plugin model does not use GPT-4.

I also think @ruv is right to believe that the cost should remain free. Easy access and low price are the primary opportunities to keep the platform relevant.

This lasted about 24 hours… then it stopped. You can use my OpenAi api plug-in if you want to use gpt-4

There is no direct cost to using Plugins as it is part of ChatGPT. If it ends up being available via the API, we will announce the pricing then.


Just to follow up and confirm, if I develop a plugin and it is published on the plugin store, I won’t incur any costs for usage? I have some use cases that I believe will generate a ton of traffic but I won’t be able to foot the bill if there is a cost associated with it.

You pay for your server and any API calls you make from your plugin code. OpenAI doesn’t host the plugin. But there’s no additional costs/charge from OpenAI.

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