Pricing for Information Retrieval Chat Plugins


For people who have access to Chat Plugins, do we know that “/query” results will be counted toward token counts so we pay as part of the current pricing plan? Or are these just not part of the pricing scheme and free?



You pay for all the openai calls you use directly, anything in the ChatGPT interface isn’t billed.

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Hm. It wasn’t clear that the case of ChatGPT model calling our own plugins would cost to us or not. so not likely to be billed?

A work in progress. Someone has to pay for api calls, I doubt they will be absorbed into chatGPT subscription. At the moment they are not, and I think most plugin developers (like me) are using their own api key to pay for them.

I’ve been assuming that, however it ends up plugins are monetized, the api call costs will be absorbed into that.

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