How do I use ChatGPT-4o Voice Feature in Windows Desktop App?

Two things:

  1. When I access ChatGPT-4o via the web page, I have a headphone icon to turn on and off TTS, but I can only choose three Microsoft voices. None of the OpenAI voices are available, even with Juniper actvated.

  2. In the ChatGPT-4o desktop app, there is no headphone icon nor any way indicated to turn on/off Voice Chat (TTS).

So how do I activate TTS/Voice in Windows Desktop (either the app or the web page interface)?


Hi @underhillemt 1. Which webpage are you talking about? 2. OpenAI has not released a Windows desktop app yet?

I think you might be confusing the built in AI tools in Windows or Bing.

I tried to reply via email, but not sure it’s working. Here’s a copy:

Hm. I’m definitely using a Windows desktop app; had it for months. (See screen shot).

As for the webpage I’m talking about, it’s the standard web method of using ChatGPT: chatgpt dot com (sorry, new user, can’t include a link).

I actually had TWO images, but as a new user can only post one

The ChatGPT App window on PC.

For me, just to the first time for this web, please be advice, i want to download chatGPT-4o on my PC Laptop, How i do

@phittk, go here: It’s the blue one on the right.

yeah, but it’s for MacOS only, no MS-Windows!

What is only for Mac?

The desktop app is available for both. (I use Windows, and the desktop app).