How to make GPT (Voice) allow user more time to talk before replying

I’m trying to develop GPT into a conversational AI but it replies too quickly, cutting me off while I’m still talking at a human pace. This makes GPT by voice unnatural & intrusive. My questions are:

1. How can I adjust the speech speed of GPT's responses?

2. Is there a way to allow me more time to talk before GPT responds?

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I know what you mean OP, it forces you to talk quite un-naturally at times. You could code a solution whereby the transcription of your speech to text doesn’t stop until you do something, similar to how you hold down a trigger when you talk into a walkie talkie, you could press or select something to trigger your voice being captured, and that capture only stops when you release the button (or whatever you first selected). The speech will then be transcribed to text to be sent to chatgpt.

So I’m not sure if you’re still looking for something to accommodate your needs for a longer delay between processing and speech. However, I just downloaded a bunch of different AI voice chat apps. Specifically in search of something similar to chat GPT but with all the little quirks and specifics that I want. One of them is called “voiceGPT”. In the settings, it gives you the option to customize your own wake and stop word. I literally just downloaded and personalized my settings. It honestly seems a little too good to be true. So, I suppose fingers crossed and we shall see. Hope this helps


How did it go?
I’m suprised this isn’t more crucial or a setting within Chat itself.
It’s IMPERATIVE it gives me more time.
I’m getting anxiety from being interrupted constantly. It is unhelpful and if I can’t get a fix I will discontinue use sadly.

There is the manual override feature, but it’s annoying to have to use it every time. It really feels like ChatGPT has taken a little too much white powder.

I like the idea of allowing a stop word, as per @murphylawson2020, or a customisable delay.