Let's Get Some Softer Female Voices

An amazing experience being regalled by top notch stories and poetry from the talking chatbot!! It would be great, however, to get at least one softer female voice, without an edge to it. They all sound like people in an office. I originally subscribed to ChatGPT plus in order to have friendly and supportive conversations, but I am not quite comfortable enough to do this with the stiffness of the female voices included. Someone, please do an upgrade on this!! thank you


Is voice to voice only available on mobile? I don’t have it yet.

It is currently for iOS, not yet for Android or desktop.

any idea when the devs are getting access to it?
Made another post about this

I noticed :smile: Nothing official yet, it will only be the Text to Speech part, the input side is whisper and it’ll be up to the developers to build that out.

Yes, only on mobile. I have android cell.

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Text-to-speech services released on API seem unlikely.

  1. Microsoft development
  2. Scroll to bottom of the github for the message, and listen to the “libre” version re-creation.