How do I change my profile picture to show on ChatGPT?

I have already changed it for the community profile but it is not working to change it in ChaGPT, how can I do it? I have seen that it can be done because there are others who have it changed when they use the tool.

Help me please I’ve searched everywhere and I can’t find where to change it :cry:


ChatGPT uses Gravatar photos to show profile photos in the app. To add a profile photo using Gravatar, you will first need to create a Gravatar account and upload a photo to use as your profile picture. Once you have an account you can add email addresses and add photos. Make sure to select a profile photo for your OpenAI account Email Address.


Thanks for answering :slight_smile:
Do you know if it takes time to load? I have tried it and the image still doesn’t appear in ChatGPT

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In the end it works! I just had to wait. Thanks again for the help! :hugs:


Glad that works for you. Sorry for being late to answer your second question.
If anyone has the same issue with not updating their profile image, I suggest trying to log out and logging back again to OpenAI. I didn’t test it out but it might work.

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could you please give some detail steps? after create a Gravatar account and upload a photo to use as your profile picture. the how to link to your OpenAI account Email Address.?

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How long have you waited for the change to be done on the ChatGPT Website?

It is not working an even logout aand login a lot of time it still didn’t work but it work in openai website.

This may help

Oh this is so cool, works for me! thanks