How can I recover my ChatGPT teams account?

I created a ChatGPT account with my business Gmail account. I paid for the service with my own money. It started out as an individual account and I have since upgraded it to a Teams account. Unfortunately, I lost my job. I need to recover my account and not lose my threads. I don’t want to reach out to my old job to ask them to help me recover the account. I can prove the account was paid with a personal credit card. I used GPT for work-related tasks. Can someone help guide me on how to navigate this?

Or how do I transfer the account to another email address?

why’d you do that :confused:

If you can get access to that account you could do an export:*

but I don’t think OpenAI will accomodate your request because it could be abused as part of a scamming tactic :confused:

* I’m not aware of any mechanism to re-import stuff at the moment.

It is not possible to re-import data at this time. Only export.

I started exploring ChatGPT at work and used my work Gmail account. I never thought I’d be let go. :worried: I paid for it from my personal funds and the thought of moving stuff never occurred to me.


Always sucks Sucks sometimes :frowning:

The tiniest upside is that you learned never to commingle personal and work stuff again.

I hope you land on your feet, good luck bro :frowning:


Thanks, man, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.


For your reference, please note that due to the nature of the ChatGPT Team Plan being designed for business purposes, data export is not available.


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