How can I learn Python or AI programming

Hello everyone,

I’m relatively new to coding but have recently developed a strong interest in AI, especially custom GPTs. After 13 years with my current employer, I’m ready for a new challenge and would love to dive into coding, with a particular focus on AI.

Is Python the recommended programming language to start with? As a visual learner, I’m also looking for free online courses or tutorials that can help me get started. Does OpenAI offer any tutorial videos?

Currently, I’ve been experimenting with custom GPTs and creating scripts to simplify my day-to-day tasks at work, which has been incredibly beneficial. Although I can’t install Python on my work computer, I can use my personal laptop at home to practice coding.

Any advice or resources you could share to help me transition into this field and follow my passion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Yes. This is the main language for Machine Learning / AI stuff.

I don’t have any I would recommend for AI, but there is so much content on this forum you are almost certainly going to find the answer to any error or problem you get.

Python-wise, you can find tutorials on YouTube depending on your style of learning for simple projects, and ChatGPT can always help you :laughing:. I personally learned it by figuring out the basics and then experimenting from there.

The most common things you need to learn are variables, functions, and how to use libraries and some other basic commands such as print, and you can do basically anything with Python. It takes a small amount of time to learn, and then you have so much stuff you can do with it through libraries.

go to They have tons of free stuff including Python and AI/ ChatGPT courses. Great courses for the most part and you get to learn while doing.


awesome thanks @williampferebee sounds like a great start.

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Awesome, thanks bud. I’m seriously thinking of trying to build my own saas ai tool. But not sure I could do it I guess my confidence level is low lol. But I did find no code tutorials on youtube where I can integrate the openai api. So hmmm? maybe I could build a tool to learn how to use the api and slowly start adding python code into it? I checked out codeacademy and wow so much to offer and its really easy so idk I just need to start!

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Loving the code bud man so much I just need to start and see where it takes me lol

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I can’t recommend Dr. Chuck’s Python for Everybody enough! This is how I learned Python and it was amazing.

For AI Programming I’d recommend the free courses on DeepLearning.AI . They are very accessible with new cutting edge videos coming out all the time.

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Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it I’m going to check it out.

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A lot of times the hardest part is getting started. The no code and low code solutions out there can be great tools, but if you have the time and the drive to take it further, then I’d say choose a tutorial, any tutorial, and just give it a shot. You may find you like it a lot. Best of luck!

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You don’t have to install Python on the company machine. You can make a thumbdrive imaged with Linux and Python installed on it. Plug it in, reboot, and enjoy.

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awesome thanks ra_0929 I’m going to try it out and youtube it. Thanks!

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You’re welcome. If you need any help learning I can get you rolling in no time.