Beginner looking to learn AI with python background

Hi @curt.kennedy you know a lot about AI so I am asking could you tell me any free courses to learn there is a lot and confused about what to choose.

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What aspects are you wanting to learn?

The details of AI models? How to use AI practically in everyday situations? Everything? :rofl:

Python is a great background to have, since it’s the “glue language” that is used in many frameworks like PyTorch or Tensorflow.

But no matter what language, just being able to code these, from scratch, is a great place to start. Besides having a math/engineering background, I feel like I really cut my teeth on AI understanding by coding RNN’s from scratch in Python years ago.

Nowadays, you can code transformers from scratch. Transformers underpin what you see today in LLM’s.

Like this one from Andrej Karpathy:

If you want to follow my exact RNN journey, I started out with this obscure blog post:

And then generalized it to use embeddings (at the time, I used Glove embeddings), over the 1-hot vectors. Then just expanded trying to train it efficiently.

Actually, Ilya Sutskever’s PhD thesis was titled “TRAINING RECURRENT NEURAL NETWORKS”

Ilya is one of the top engineers at OpenAI. And Andrej has worked at OpenAI off and on over the years.

This would be my main place to start … getting your hands dirty by coding directly in Python.

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