Basic knowledge for most, but not for me

hello, i am a complete noob when it comes to tech and cant do computer stuff at all.
I heard about openai’s gpt-3 on youtube and it blew my mind, so here i am.
on this youtube video i saw someone who was making a website or an app and he did it by entering some basic instructions and the ai asked him to elaborate on some points and it built it.
Was that video real or was it faked?
I want to play around with openai and have it build a website for me (just to prove it can do it to a friend who knows i know nothing about computers).
i am very interested in computer stuff, it just all looks like chinese to me.
how and where do i give the ai tasks like building a website from my instructions?
sorry to bother you, all help will be very welcome for me. its not important tho, im just here to satisfy my curiousity.
thanks for taking the time to read this.

AI is not magic.

You need to apply for Github-Copilot, wait to be approved, install VS code, install the Copilot extension, and set up build tools to actually run the generated code as a local site. Only then can you actually start typing in requests.
Also you will need to learn all the involved programing languages so you can check the generated code for correctness & understand what went wrong when it fails.

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I have a youtube series to introduce folks to Python, prompt engineering, and CODEX. There are lots of folks just like you who are just getting started.


thanks a lot dude this will be very helpfull.

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thanks for your reply, the video made it seem much easier then it actually was.
video mentioned by dave explains it well.

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There’s actually a ton of questions i had about the AI and the way i learned the most was by signing up and trying it out (you get a few months free)

Just go into the playground and ask simple questions that you want answers to, if you see something confusing just talk to it like a person for example;

"I'm using windows 10 how can a make a simple website using notepad?"

if anything is confusing just type in after everything,

"what does x mean above in simple english?"
x would be the thing that is confusing to you

and just go back and forth with it and learn at your own pace.

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