How can i get access to the features?

Hi im a newbie here, im starting from zero but hopefully with the help of the community and ai i can become well versed and create awesome stuff.

First i need to know how to get access to the new features

Which new features in particular do you mean? Plus Membership will get you access to things like Plugins, Dalle3 and ChatGPT4 right away.

If you mean the new features announced today at dev day - some of them are rolling out this week (like the GPTs creator) for Plus Members.

Good luck! I’m right with you - I can’t wait to try out the new stuff.


Thank you Otis! I really look forward to all the new goodies

I had the same question. Still eagerly waiting…
Shouldn’t OpenAI please prioritize plugin developers so they can start converting their plugins to GPTs?

I just got access to the updated UI with the the GPTs market, so it looks like things are moving along - Create a GPT coming soon: