How can I finisned my billing

I spend $1.32 on Auguest. But I didnot receive any bill until now(10th Sept.). How can I solve the problem? Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

It’s expensive to generate a bill and have a payment processor take it from your account, so small amounts will not be taken until they amount to something worth processing, personally, I’d run up a bill of $5 and that should be plenty to get a billing cycle to kick in, also there is a bit of a delay processing bills this month, I think due to the new prepay system being introduced, so please bare with it.

How much was your bill for the month? I don’t think anyone’s been billed yet, regardless of balance.

Thanks for the explanation, I’ll keep an eye on the progress

Thanks, I think the latest bill should cover the mount for last month, not this month.