How can I embed an openai assistant openai that i created and trained into a wordpress site?

Hello, I would like to create a website where the interface is solely a chatbot. This chatbot is an assistant that I have created and trained. Now, I would like to integrate it into my site on WordPress. How do I embed it (technically, not aesthetically) into the site?

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Hi @marcolivierbouch, can I use Custom Assistants created on OpenAI with OpenAssistantGPT?

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you can embed a chatbot into a WordPress

you will want to ensure the chatbot Has an API (I am assuming you built it that way) Your chatbot should be accessible via an API, allowing it to communicate with external applications.
you can than use a WordPress plugin that supports custom chatbot integration.

Plugins like WP-Chatbot or Tidio can be customized to connect to your chatbot’s API.
Alternatively, you could develop a custom chat interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You would embed this directly into your WordPress site .
then you just need to connect the Chat Interface to Your Chatbot API

If you’re going the custom route, use javascript to make asynchronous requests (AJAX or Fetch API) to your chatbot’s API endpoint. This involves sending user messages and displaying the chatbot’s responses in the chat interface.

as to Buio for the assistants made with the chatgpt you can use the functions in it to build your connector out and in for it to talk to your assistant. I have not tried this myself but looking at what it as like auth key etc I would assume it does.

For now there is no import feature you’ll have to create a new one.

Hey, You can try this blog post to embed assistants to either your website or whatsapp

I am the developer / founder at predictable dialogs and if any issues we can connect to resolve.