Any app to embed a assistant onto a website? Or can I embed it myself?

I am uncertain on how to embed a assistant onto my website. I made a working bot on the assistant page, and I want to now put it on my website.

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Which language would you be ok with?

Here would be a quick PHP example, i have made a couple of month ago… a script you could start from.

I guess you need this branch of openai-php/client:

I mean I havn’t tested it and the assistant is pretty new… so you either help to add the functionality to that lib or you wait a couple of days until it’s merged.

We made something like that as a rapid prototyping tool for client projects. Pm me if that’s interesting

Dear Heiko,

I’m writing to you regarding the rapidly prototyped solution you mentioned above. I need to integrate Assistant API solutions in several websites. Most built with WP and some built with Hostinger’s website builder. So far I’ve found a WP plugin (AI Engine) and a more generic solution by OpenAssistantGPT. Last doesn’t work properly. The one by AI Engine offers a free version only for custom GPTs, but doesn’t have an option to try out the paid version for Assistant API solutions.

I wonder what you’ve come up with. Please advise :slight_smile:

Hey Here is a free solution. You can follow this blog post to embed assistants to either your website or whatsapp.

I am the developer / founder at predictable dialogs.

Found an open-source solution which can do this for free