How do I deploy an Assistant I built on Playground onto a website?

I built an assistant for a client, and want to integrate in his website now. What do I do? I fine tuned it, added lot of files, fixed its language, etc, but the final step is confusing for me.

You’ll need to create/use an interface that supports the Assistant.

There are lots of open-source options available through GitHub. They do typically require a little bit of understanding to initialize. Mainly just server management, and environment variable setting.

You’ll use a back-end (server) to store the API key and act as a middle-man service that then passes the information to the front-end (website) to display.

If this is something you’re not comfortable with you can either just try your best (and feel free to post your progress here), pay someone to get you started, or find a service that offers a plug-and-play option (although I haven’t seen any that are worth it. I would highly recommend instead picking an open-source option and paying someone to put it together and/or help you)


You will need to use Assistants api and build a frontend with it. There are few open-source projects which provide all the boilerplate needed for this such as this Open-Custom-GPT/ at main · SamurAIGPT/Open-Custom-GPT · GitHub

Hey, not sure if you are still looking for a solution to embed your assistant to a website, if so you can take a look at this. I am the developer of this and would be happy to help if any issues.

Has anyone tried openwidget? Perhaps an easier option for some people? BTW, I do not receive any commission from them. Just came across them on a Google search.

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There is many different thing you can try! If you have coding skills and know nextjs I highly recommend using the vercel/ai sdk.

If you don’t have coding skill you will have to use a third party app like OpenAssistantGPT