Embedding Assistants to website

Once an Assistant is tested and ready, how to deploy it to the website? Is there a way to simply add it via script?

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I am wondering the same thing! Have you found an answer?

Same question here! Hopefully someone can help.

I needed 5 minutes for creating a well working assistant and want to implement it onto my website. How to do this? Is there a code snippet like that I can copy and paste into my html code? This would be very useful! Or maybe somebody knows another way how to get the assistant onto my website? Sorry, I am not familiar enough with coding / scripting to do that. I would be happy about any advice / help! Thank you!

Bump, I would like to know as well. I have done something similar.

Build a chat. Welcome to the DEVELOPER community :slight_smile:

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YES you can use MOBJAI - Mission Objective

  1. Choose the GPT assistant
  2. Copy the generated script into your index.html file.