Embedding Assistants to website

Once an Assistant is tested and ready, how to deploy it to the website? Is there a way to simply add it via script?


I am wondering the same thing! Have you found an answer?

Same question here! Hopefully someone can help.

I needed 5 minutes for creating a well working assistant and want to implement it onto my website. How to do this? Is there a code snippet like that I can copy and paste into my html code? This would be very useful! Or maybe somebody knows another way how to get the assistant onto my website? Sorry, I am not familiar enough with coding / scripting to do that. I would be happy about any advice / help! Thank you!

Bump, I would like to know as well. I have done something similar.

Build a chat. Welcome to the DEVELOPER community :slight_smile:

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YES you can use MOBJAI - Mission Objective

  1. Choose the GPT assistant
  2. Copy the generated script into your index.html file.

Has anyone accomplished this easily? I read that we can do a HTTP request through open AI, but I was told it’s not that safe and API can get hacked easily. Thinking about using Google cloud to host python code, and make API calls through there, but concerned about cost.
*new to software development.

You can look at the app that I have built called OpenAssistantGPT. It is created to embed chatbot assistant in your website.

  1. Import any content in the tool
  2. Create your chatbot
  3. Copy and paste the generated script in your website.
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Hey, You can follow this blog post to embed assistants to either your website or whatsapp.

I am the developer / founder at predictable dialogs.

Hey, thanks a bunch for hooking me up with exactly what I needed. Really appreciate it!

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Your welcome! Im glad you appreciate the service! :slight_smile:

Have found this open-source solution to embed assistants on a website