How can I integrate the new GPT assistants into my website?

How to integrate the GPT assistant into a Django project at the code level. The code should replace the chatbot using OpenAI’s API.

GPTs cannot/should not be accessed externally through websites, that would be against the Terms of Service, you can look into Assistants for this, but that will require some coding knowledge.


This seems to be an extremely popular question, along with “can I access the GPTs through the API”.


the assistant can be queried , if you use assistant api calls you can use it on your site


Yes, there’s no doubt about that. What I want to know is how I can invoke them through my Python code.

Assistants overview - OpenAI API

The Assistants Documentation outlines how to use the API. You can always do what I did, copy and paste the documentation into GPT-4 and have it help you write what you need.

I have already done it before writing on this forum without concrete results. However, I have solved it differently. Thank you all.

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Good article on how you can do this

I’m sure shortly people will begin releasing free, open-source chat interfaces that work with Assistants. I’m also sure that some popular chat applications (RocketChat and Crisp are both awesome, open-source solutions!) will include the simple option of plugging in your assistant_id w/ openai key and away you go.

I highly HIGHLY recommend to anyone reading to ONLY plug your OpenAI key and Assistant ID on applications that are either open-source, or incredibly reputable.

Hopefully OpenAI releases some sort of way to “share” an Assistant, if they already haven’t (don’t know)

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