How can i disable my 2fa code

I changed phone. and the new app doesn’t have open ai 2fa password. So i want disable my 2fa code and take again a new 2fa code. how can do that ?

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Just be aware, if you disable multifactor authentication you will not be able to enable it again.

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Does OpenAI offer Multi-factor authentication (MFA) / Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) ?

Yes, ChatGPT did have 2FA option for a while as you used it set it up.

However, ChatGPT 2FA was disabled, don’t know why, and can no longer be enabled.


Your idea to move the 2FA to the new phone is correct but not currently an option. (February 13, 2024)

Having been in a similar situation I know that getting locked out from 2FA after changing phones is a nightmare to fix. If this were my problem I would just disable 2FA and hope that it becomes available again in the future.

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