How can i create more than 25 named apis using only one paid account

Hello Community,

I’m currently using a paid account with OpenAI and have encountered a limitation that restricts me to creating no more than 25 named APIs. My projects require a higher number of named APIs to function effectively, and I’m seeking advice on how to navigate this constraint.

Has anyone faced a similar issue? If so, how did you manage or overcome this limitation? Are there any best practices or tips for effectively scaling projects within these constraints, or is there a way to request an increase in the limit from OpenAI?

Any insights or suggestions from your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

I haven’t faced this issue but a safe bet is reaching out to OpenAI support and seeing if they can raise your limit

If you’re facing issues with an API count cap, it’s likely because you’re using your API keys in the wrong way.

You should probably be handling identity and billing using your own system.

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