Hooray Finally I got GPT-4 API Access


But you declined my card so, bye bye OpenAI.
My account will be suspended next month.


If you have a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card from a high street bank from a supported country and the address on the bank account matches the address on your OpenAI account to the letter (including commas and spaces!) and that card is not associated with other accounts that have been suspended for Terms of Service violations then you should be fine. You can try contacting the support bot over at https://help.openai.com

Hi, Foxabilo.
I tried to contact them, no one ever responded.
It’s just a $2 bill, it became way too complex for me now.

Omg! How did you do that?! I am waiting for ages now!

I also waited for many months, however I wasn’t able to fulfil the invoice so meh… My account will be suspended.