Help shape research paper on user trends and behavior of ChatGPT

Hey reader!! I’m a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University working on publishing a research paper that analyzes user trends and behaviors of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools during the summer.

As a student of software management I primarily use it for research for school work and brainstorming for my personal projects. I’m interested in understanding how you perceive ChatGPT in comparison to other services, what motivates you to pay for it if you’re a plus user, and what your usage levels (queries/day) and types of queries are. Please note that only aggregate metrics will be used for the paper’s findings, and all data will be anonymized.

If you’re interested in taking part, please leave your email and I will share a Google Form survey. Your input would be immensely valuable for my analysis. Thank you in advance for your time and contribution!

PS: I’m unable to share the survey link as part of the post. Someone please confirm if it is against the community guidelines to do so. If not, then how do I share the link? Please do let me know.

Even at Discourse Trust Level 0 you should be able to include a link in your first post.
Was it a link or an attachment. At trust level 0 you can not add attachments.

You can always just show the link as text and then others would have to copy and paste the link to get it to work, e.g.

Thanks a ton Eric!! Preformatted text did the trick. If you’re a chatGPT Plus or a free version user please do share your insights in the survey. Every piece of user perspective data I can collect would be helpful for my analysis.