ChatGPT for Excel | Call for Ideas!

OpenAI Family, we wanted to share a quick note of appreciation for all great reviews and feedback in support of our ChatGPT for Excel add-in. We would not be hitting a remarkable milestone of 300K usage without you! It’s been an exciting journey. Bumpy at times given limited funding, but worth all the difference made!

We wanted to pick up your brains on few enhancements– what would you like to see in the next releases? Any specific functions that you are missing? Our goal is to continue building a strong sustainable product, so would love to build the roadmap around your needs.

Hit us up at

Always grateful,

Welcome to the OpenAI Community! I’ve already checked this on EpicXplorer

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That is not a forum policy, despite how logical for new posters that just dump an ad on us.

Mods have denied action after flagging “ads”, except when it is persistent and scammy, like bumping old threads, or “I found this video” x 10.

“Community” is the right place for outreach.