Help on deactivated account

I know this place isn’t the place for support but I couldn’t find any forums to solve my issue - I’ve been using gpt plus without any issues until the massive failure that happened yesterday. Now, my account is deactivated for a reason I don’t understand. I’ve been just using it as I’ve been for the past 2 years. Is there anyone or any place I can reach out for help because OpenAI’s help center is just automated bots.

How do you know that your account has been deactivated?
Did you receive a email informing you about this?

Otherwise I suggest you check the short guide on and see if that fixes your issue.

Hi! Thank you for your answer. I got an email notifying me of OPENAI API - Access terminated. It’s weird because I have almost never touched the API - I just ask questions through the website.

I checked the hard refresh guide and it did not work.

Yes, the API has nothing to do with the web interface for ChatGPT.
I don’t know why your API access got terminated but it shouldn’t affect your access to ChatGPT either.

If you can still log-in to the forum here, it implies that you still have an account and should be to access to ChatGPT.

If accessing ChatGPT is still an issue for you I suggest checking our megathread about the recent outage. Since the last fix has been deployed by OpenAI other users have written more detailed guides how to restore the functionality.
It will be most practical to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. Unfortunately, to write a post here, I had to create another chatgpt account. My original account is still deactivated and I can’t use normal chatgpt. I sent a request to openai but I guess I’ll have to wait. It’s just frustrating that I’m paying 20 dollars per month and it’s a big part of my life