Help! My account has been hacked, then blocked!

Hi all,

i’m a Plus user. Some days ago, i log in as usual, then i saw my chat history wiped out! only one chat in Chinese language was there (asking to GPT what’s best translator for browsers).

So i changed my password and went over (i wrote to support email BTW). I was still able to use my account, but something strange happened: sometime GPT told “only a question at time” could be done, like someother was using my account. Today i tried to log in and voilà, account blocked due to suspicius activity.

Now: given my old chat as lost (i’ve no local backups … if you can restore them server side, let me know)

What i shall do to restore my account?


Automated account flagging from banned country hacks I expect would be restored pretty quickly when you make your case (and if you still have account control and don’t have to prove who you are).

You should also investigate where the password breach came from, where you’ve unwisely reused the same password or typed it into scam ChatGPT impostors.

Send a message via the assistant to OpenAI staff.