Help me to integrate chatgpt in bubble

I need to integrate chatgtp in the search bar of my bubble marketplace. basically when the customer does a search for a product in the search bar chatgpt will answer by searching my products database which sellers or registered stores sell that product
ex: red wool coat - all products and stores that sell the same red wool coat registered in the app. (in this case, chatgpt would search for the coat, wool and red prompts within the app’s product database in the bubble)
Could someone help me to know how this is possible?
remembering that I am a no-code developer

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thanks dude, Im newbie here, helps a lot haha

Hate to burst your bubble (pun-intended), but this is a fairly complex task for regular code developers. GPT does not have this sort of searching functionality built in, nor is it really intended for product attribute search. Unless Bubble has some sort of GPT Search plug-in built-in, I don’t think this is realistically accomplishable through no-code unfortunately.

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I will explain how can this be achieved, in theory.

First, you should create an API or a function that can search your products database.

Once this is set up, you will use Chat API to process customer inquiry. It will take the customer’s question and formulate a command to search your API or function.

The output from your API or function will then be passed back to the Chat API, which will use this information to provide a detailed and natural-sounding response to the user.