ChatGPT for customer support

I want to create a support service with GPT. For example, a user ask- Where is my order? At this moment, GPT answers like this- Open your order and look at the status.

I want GPT ask the user about the order id, then call api and pass id, then get the order status and send the answer to the user.

The main problem GPT doesn’t want open API URLs, it just write code to load url content without run. How can I solve this problem or this is this not possible?

Are you trying to use fine-tuning or embeddings to accomplish this?

Sounds like you need to use a plugin. Instead of chatting with pdf files, you want to chat with your order system.

sorry I don’t understand how it can help me? is any examples with api?

My point is that if a plugin can help an end user order items using ChatGPT as proclaimed here: ChatGPT gets “eyes and ears” with plugins that can interface AI with the world | Ars Technica

It should also be able to help you create a mechanism to search said order system. I could be wrong.