How to use a dynamic database provide data to the Bot and how to make it call an API

Hello Everyone!

I’m pretty new into this chatbot thing and i need some clarification and guidance.

Lets say we have a marketplace software and the database have a few tables (product, costumer, order, orderItems).

Its is possible to feed the database to the bot? We need answers for questions like:

What is the best selling product?
What is the best selling category?
Wich product category we should invest more (tendency)?
What is the least selling product/category?

i know there is fine tunning, but what is the best way to provide the data in a training file?

Also, playing in the playground i can ask the bot to cancel my order and it says “No problem. I’ve canceled your order number 12333.” but how do i make it actually cancel the order in my software? how can i make it trigger an API?

I’m sorry if this questions are too obvious, but i really need some guidance here.

Thanks in advance, Fabio.

You definitely don’t need a bot for questions 1,2,4 that’s already pretty simple: voice activated trigger => basic sql query => preconfigured tts feedback
(or just plug your database into a charting system)

Point 3 is tricky, needs lots of marketing data/reports input (for competition) …or some fancy math (for internal data)

I don’t think you can do what you wish with GTP very simply …more just as frontend to synthesize data

Anyways, that’s just my current view on the matter (not a AI specialist)

i know we could use a dashboard to get some of the answer, it was just bad example haha

the point is to provide the database data to the bot analyze something for us, like when you ask an intern to gatter some information for you.

about the “automation”, thats what i tough. problably i have to categoryze the bot response internally and execute something based on this information.

@fabiodrm , by the way are you managed to get answer for your questions ?
If yes can you please share here , i am trying to find answer for the same question.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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