Pulling DataforsSEO API to create website app

Want to use DataforSEO API to set up form on a website that allows users to enter a keyword to find search volume. Has anybody set up a PHP page using an API and had ChatGPT guide them through the process? I am not really a programmer - other than some messing around … looking for advice on set up.

Hey there and welcome to the community!

I’ll admit I’m kind of lost in terms of identifying what you’re asking for here and how we can help… For starters, PHP is a language, not an API, and it’s unclear whether or not you’re asking to build your own API for this or use someone else’s API like the DataforSEO API I’m guessing. If it’s the latter, I would ask for help from that community, not here.

Now, ChatGPT is really good for helping to guide people through new things. It makes for a great teacher, and can help walk you through for whatever you want. In fact, that’s how a lot of us tend to use when we’re faced with things we don’t understand as deeply as we need to.

There’s no real “formulaic” method for this, as everyone learns differently and at different paces. However, it’s important to know what you want to do and have a plan laid out first. Or, alternatively, ask it questions about things you don’t understand so you can start constructing your own design for something. Break things down into chunks, take it piece by piece, and simply ask it for guidance on getting something basic up and running. It should be able to provide you clear and detailed instructions for how to do something, so long as you know what you’re asking for (and can verify whether or not its suggestions are true).

Don’t be afraid to ask, try, and experiment with GPT. There’s no consequences for doing so, and the more you play with the model, the more you understand how to use it in a way that’s genuinely helpful for you.

Yes, I get your question. ChatGPT can guide you through the process of creating PHP code which needs to interact with another API of any content provider or AI interfacing if you provide ChatGPT with the base information about what you are building, what you have already created, and what your plans are to do. It may be a good idea to put all the information in a document and allow The assistant to read through it, or just go to GPT4 and press the uplaod and / or drag and drop the word document into the Chat GPT text block.
After an analysis, CHAT GPT will try to help answer your questions, and possibly do some or even all of the PHP coding and On-Page text that you want. It can even provide with photos and help solve coding errors that you may experience. Expect a few tries, as there are a few times which GPT will try to tell you it is too complex. If that happens, break the task down into smaller parts by prompting Chat GPT to break down the information into an outline, then paste that outline into a word doc, and go through each line of the outline one at a time. In this way, the chief GPT will be the outline creator, and you will be the agent interface.
As the agent interface, you can now reprompt GPT with each line of the outline, going through them one at a time, so as not to get lost.

Then, after you have gone through all of the lines of the outline, check to see if what the GPT has said is corredct by runnig it back through the GPT interface as another whole document.
It i like writing a book, one page at a time, putting that book back intogpt to check it.
Be ready for hallucinations and erors.
Be prepared to edit or correct errors, and check with an expert if you need.

He is asking how to use GPT as an advisor to help him code and create the system (PHP based page). The system itself requires API, but not necessarily to Chat GPT. Obviously, an API to GPT is a possibility, but a lot of PHP pages can be integrated into API interfaces by using instructions that GPT can give. He will need to do a lot of work, and yes, GPT can help him to do it since he is not an expert or a coder.