Help me disrupt nonprofit fundraising!

Hi – I’m a content strategist and non-technical newbie creating a GPT-3 text generation app for nonprofits. The app would save nonprofits an enormous amount of time and money by helping them generate text for fundraising campaigns.

I have 25+ years in nonprofit marketing and fundraising at organizations like Harvard School of Public Health, The Posse Foundation, Trout Unlimited, National Parks Foundation, Cornell Tech, and Columbia Engineering.

I’m open to anything from discussion help here to offline mentorship – to a co-founder!

I have created a few successful prompts and need help developing a simple web form to call the API. I started doing this in (no code) but got stuck. Lots of interest from nonprofits and a successful test run with the National Parks Foundation so far.

Many thanks for considering this!


Hi Erine @erinelyons
That sounds very interesting.
If you haven’t found someone yet, you will surely find them :mag_right: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Erine. My main professional interests involve the non-profit sector. I’ll reach out via email and share with you some of the things I’ve learned while building a basic text-generation app in Python.

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Do your non-profits include labor Unions and worker advocates

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They certainly can! It would be open to any .org that is doing fundraising.