Build an environmentalist social network with GPT 3

Hello OpenAI community. I write this message for those interested in collaborating on one of the great problems for the genre.

I believe that humans are very intelligent, we have always faced problems and built technologies to overcome them. Today global warming is a problem that concerns all of us with a conscience of survival and progress. A problem that we cause ourselves, because we are many people, we consume many resources, we generate a lot of garbage and we cover a lot of space to live. But being many is not a problem, quite the contrary, the point is that we do not build organizational technologies, to choose tasks and obtain rewards.

It is known that the greenhouse effect is caused by gases that accumulate in the atmosphere due to poor air purification. Also that the terrestrial and marine biosphere function as a natural cooling system, since it feeds on that light and combines it with other elements to develop and return oxygen, creating the natural conditions that are needed for life and habitats. The destruction of forests and marine fauna is negative for this mechanism, without biodiversity the balance and the best of the planet is lost.

We are very intelligent and we know that when there are things that must be done so that the future is better, we must repair what is being destroyed.

This is a problem of human initiative and organization, nothing more, we are going to provide a system to help the planet.

This is an environmental social initiative, a technologically and efficiently ultra-organized human work group to carry out tasks focused on saving natural ecosystems, fighting fires, cleaning garbage and reforesting, we will provide resources and organizational processes for the participants who are involved in this these community tasks, which will receive incentives in cryptocurrency, medals and physical gifts for their efforts.

I know there is still time for this Blue, Green and Beautiful planet to stay that way.

I believe that by accelerating natural processes we can balance what is deteriorating, with technology we can guarantee a sustainable and scalable environment for the future.

To promote this community of environmentalists and workers, we will use technology as a glue for the movement, it will be an app that, due to its characteristics, aims to be a consolidating factor for the masses, and the social movement so that people participate in the mission of saving the ecosystem. I believe that if there is a way to stop climate change it is only with massive action.

This App is focused on events and social interactions.

The general status of the project could be summarized as: clear vision of the user experience, visual UX prototype, navigation map, defined vision and mission, among other issues such as the business model, etc.

Everything is in process and I am looking for a partner to advance in terms of development.

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PS: The message was translated, if you find errors please apologize. I am Spanish speaking and I live in Argentina.