"We couldn't verify your phone number."

I want to create and API key, but it needs to verify my phone number first. I entered my cell, but I get the error in the title of this post. Looking into the browser dev tools at the network tab, the request is coming back with error 500.

I first tried over a week ago, so this doesn’t appear to be a short-lived issue. I tried on my phone, on my Mac and on my Windows PC. I tried different browsers. I tried with VPNs on and off. I tried my wife’s phone number. I tried several times over the past week. All no joy.

My number is a normal cell number. I am in California, but with an NYC area code number.

Any ideas what is going on? Have others been able to verify phone numbers during this time?

Heya. Welcome to the Developer Forum. We can’t help you with this.

You’ll need to reach out to help.openai.com