GPTs not reliable (disappearing) and not working

Hi there,
after loosing my - almost 2 weeks trained - custom GPT without any reason today I decided to create another one with different knowledge base. Immediately after the upload of the knowledge base I started to test it, then I simply changed the the title label under the assistant name and the scaring orange message appeared again: “Error saving GPT”. This is the same message I got working with my previous trained GPT. Then, again, my new GPT disappeared, “This GPT does not have a configuration set.”.

I planned a live demo for the Company I work for starting next year but if this is what OpenAI gives us I don’t think I’m able to spend more time developing concepts with their technology.

It’s very disappointing.

Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 10.36.20
Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 10.48.37

Does anyone have an answer to this as, I’m still having this problem.

Hi Ronnie, just to share some other info about this topic.
After several days my disappeared assistants came back on the list.

I’m working on my concepts and the only caution I practise is not to submit different configurations changes in a short slot of time, in fact what I noticed is that I got that kind of error while making several configurations change in a short time.

I know it’s not a fix, but I wanted to share with you.

Thank you. Mine disappeared and I can’t create any new ones. I get the same error message everytime.

I’m sorry.

Do you have the error as soon as you click on “Create a GPT?” or when you finish to configure it?

I get the error message every time I try to do anything other than name my GPT.

It’s weird, I suppose you already opened a ticket chatting with the OpenAI Support bot.

If not, I strongly suggest to do it, I had precious feedback from them.

I have the same issue as well. I’m gonna submit a ticket as well.