GPTs for free ChatGPT accounts - Force GPT-3.5

Hello, I developed a GPT custom but I never chose the version of ChatGPT to use.
Now, the GPTs are available to the Free ChatGPT users too but if someone tries to use my GPT, after 5 interactions they see the message “your limit GPT-4 was passed. You must use GPT-4o to continue…”.

I want the Free user can use my GPT but in this way it is impossible.

Any Suggests?

PS: my GPT are using the actions, interact with external data, but not need to create images, so I abled only “Browser” and “Analysis” functions-

I already tried to write in the Iscrtucion fields “Use ONLY GPT-3.5. Never use GPT-4” but it doesn’t work…


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GPTs by design with there browsing and analysis features need GPT-4 or 4o to work, so you can currently not use them with GPT-3.5.


So the free version of ChatGPT can’t use browsing and analysis functionality?
If someone wants to use these functions need a paid account?

So the only GPTs shareable with fee users are the only ones that don’t communicate with the web?

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No, GPT-3.5 can’t use browsing and analysis functionality, but GPT-4o, which is available with a strict rate-limit is.


Yes, that is what I said.
Considering that the free users can use only 3.5 without specific limits, they can’t use a GPT that needs browsing and that needs 4.

So for the moment if you develop complex GPTs that manage external information you can share it only with the Plus users.

Is it correct?

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From looking at a Google search I see this OpenAI’s custom GPT Store is now open to all for free - The Verge
maybe that answers your question, and welcome to the forum