GPT4 can’t process excel files (2024-03-21)

Hey everyone,
Since this morning, GPT-4 hasn’t been able to process any of the xlsx files I’ve sent over. I keep getting this message: “It seems I’m facing a technical issue that’s preventing me from analyzing the Excel file you uploaded. This might be due to specific file formats or data that’s not easily processed with the tools I have available.” Anyone else run into something like this?


I just checked, I’m having the same issue in the ChatGPT Interface.

Must just be something funky on OpenAI’s end.


Not a particularly helpful reply, but did you try CSV?

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I’ve been thinking of adding reading excel files to a GPT for just this reason. Something to just give some basic read commands and operations. I already have a GPT just for me that I’ve started throwing my random oh hey I need to do X operation a lot.

It came back to working correctly this morning. :slight_smile:

I had a problem when trying it on GPT4 but then I tried it on the dynamic mode and everything worked…

What is dynamic mode and how to use it? I have been trying to upload xlsx and cvs files with no luck.

when you go to the ChatGPT 4 - you can select the model to use … Dynamic use is under that menu - I was able to make it work under the Dynamic model- but be aware to complete the analysis as if you start (uploading the file) and then try to do it later or another day, it will not work . you have to re-authenticate and even then it has a problem… hope this helps…

Not seeing the ‘Dynamic’ option, all I see is GPT-4, GPT-3.5 and Temporary chat.


Same here. ChatGPT and Excel working together, would be an absolute game changer for everyone

I figured it out.

  • Using Pycharm or any Python API interpreter
  • Copy the python code which is generated from ChatGPT into Pycharm
  • make sure pandas and openpyxl are imported in the code.
    import pandas as pd
    import openpyxl
  • change the file_path and printf as an example below.

Save the DataFrame to an Excel file

file_path = ‘yourfile.xlsx’
df.to_excel(file_path, index=False)

print(f"Data has been successfully saved to {file_path}")