Chatgpt advance data analysis

chatgpt cannot process a simple one page excel file after trying multiple times, what’s wrong with gpt .

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It is not possible to diagnose the issue with the information you have provided, can you show the workings and the original dataset?

its not a large data set its a one page quotation file and it is failing to process it again and again, i cant provide company data here

That is certainly not typical, it should be noted that files in .xls or .xlsx may cause problems and data should be in .csv for cross platform compatibility


I’ve been having this same issue, with any file size and type. The browser just constantly times out or hangs. Txt files, python files, etc. Also when asked to provide a link to download a file it generates, the links it provides are broken. It will provide a clickable link, but it doesn’t lead to downloading the file.

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