GPT Plus sbscription is gone

I had bought a ChatGPT Plus subscription, on 8th of march it work a while, and now is gone,
I’ve checked my account balance and I have a 20$ paid invoice, and another 2 20$ invoices in processing, anyone can help me.


I also have the same problem. OpenAI Billing records are also gone.

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Me too.And i don not know how to contact with them. This is the time I realize the necessity of human service.


Me too.

I went to the credit card agreement screen, registered my 4th credit card and immediately cancelled it.

I have also experienced this phenomenon.

1,I registered an account at “continue with google”.
2,I registered my credit card.
3,At that time, chatGPT puls was displayed.
4,I logged out.
5,I am back to free plan.
6,I logged in again, but I was still on the free plan.
7,When I try to go to the credit card payment page, I have to go to the payment page again. I have already repeated this 3 times.

I was told to contact help chat.
but, I have not received any reply from the help chat.

What should I do?


Me too,I have pay 20$ for Plus on 18th of march,but today PLUS disapper and prompt me to upgrade


Same here.

It is exactly like @next.einherjar told.

I wrote an hour ago to, the support, what is a pain in the …
Anyway i hope for answer latest on Monday.

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The same here, today it has disappeared. Sent an email but it won’t be reviewed till Monday.

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I am in the same boat since this morning. Worked till about 4am EST

Metoo, my ChatGPT Plus membership disappeared,I was subscribed on 15th march.
So I had to buy anothor subscription.
I hope my subscription period can be extended.

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same here. I have paid twice, but it still says Free Plan.

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Same here…unable to log in even though I’ve subscribed to the plus plan.

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I am also in the same position. I bought plus on 1st march and now it is gone completely. The payment history is empty, I cannot contact customer service at all (how “well” plus members are treated). It is crazy. I do not know how long it will take to get it fixed. We should be compensated for these days…

Have anyone received any sort of answer/help to resolve this problem??? It is been 4 days.

No, support is non existent. They are not answering my emails.

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Buenas tardes ,tengo un problema para ingresar a gpt plus , no me cargar la página

me too, my 40$ gone and i cant use gpt plus

Me too. I only bought it 3 days ago, and it’s already gone

I have the same problem.
I can’t even get into my account.
Yesterday I could not find my billing records either.
The “reset your password” e-mails are not being sent.
Nothing seems to work

I have observed this when there has been a major outage. The actual subscription is still active, it’s just that the UI has no access or has limited access to the backend to check the status of your subscription. I would speculate that openai team has not implemented the case in UI and so it leads to UX deadend.

Same here. I have no access to Chat GPT at all. It only says. Bad Gateway - The web server reported a bad gateway error. Error reference number: 502
Can anyone help out?