Gpt plus exceeded the quota

I purchased gpt plus to use plugins, then I create api key and try to use in api request
but I get the error

You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details

this is fresh gpt plus account with new api key without any requests
I try to check billing → Usage limits but get error

You must be on a paid plan to set up usage limits

how fix it? I must buy gpt plus with another paid plan?

ChatGPT Plus has no connection to API.

You need ChatGPT Plus to try plugins and GPT 4 if you havn’t been selected to try it via API.

If you want to extend your quota you need to add payment details for the API.
API calls are invoiced in relation to how many tokens you have used.

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I need purchase both gpt plus with payment for api? Will paid api use plugins?

To use the API you don’t need plus.
You need to add payment infos under

If you want to use plugins in ChatGPT you need to purchase plus.

If you want to use plugins without plus you need to implement that by yourself.
There are some websites that list the plugins. e.g.

If you want to develop plugins you will need to apply for it.

The API is not related to ChatGPT. It uses the same model. But if you want to build your own ChatGPT alike application you need to add way more than just the API to the mix.


I need to use plugin web requests with api to open urls by gpt

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