GPT just prints the request body, does not trigger actual action

Hi there,

I’ve successfully integrated actions to my custom GPT using a server and openapi.json, it used to work great until couple days ago. Now the GPT wouldn’t actually trigger the action and just print the request body.

I’ve tried adding constraint in custom instructions that you must trigger the action/api call rather than just printing the response. Testing endpoints via action configuration section is working fine, it is able to trigger the calls and requests are coming to my server. However, after saving, it is unable to.

I’m not sure what might have changed. I’ve tried deleting and recreating the GPT.

That’s very odd—usually this indicates an issue with your schema, or perhaps your auth. Are you able to share those here? (with or without redactions as necessary)

It seems to have fixed itself now. However, a little change I did that might be beneficial for others is to keep your custom instructions crisp and concise.

Mine were too big. It might have been the culprit. I’m not sure if they are counted against the context window but it’d be good thing to keep in mind.

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