GPT Action schema not getting updated

Hi there! Am I doing anything wrong updating the schema of my actions? I don’t see a save button, but I do see the chatbot being updated briefly, but then when I refresh the page it still has the old schema, I made a video for this [video-to-gif output image]


Same. I’m having to delete and recreate actions if I have to make any changes to the openapi spec. Huge pain that started with actions UI update a couple of days ago.

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Also we had a super nice interface with more details on each function and the option to disable this SUPER anying “accept” dialogs, that has gone too.
This is a problem, chatgpt seem to “break” if it needs to request user’s accept more than once in one prompt :frowning:

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Same problem here. No way to add another operation to the spec. It looks like it’s adding but then, even after saving the GPT, once you refresh and come back to the configuration screen, it’s gone.

I also can’t add the x-openai-isConsequential flag to any operations.

Having the same issue as well. Looks like if the GPT is published with a link or public, it throws up an error on update. Been a real issue making any modifications to the configuration.

I can get it to work.
Do a save/update, and it that doesn’t work, go back to the Create tab and type “update”, and it will regenerate.

Can confirm. Save button still doesn’t work for me - but typing “update” in the Create chat box did save changes to my Actions OpenAPI schema.

@dror @magnum6 Just a caution … I think when you say “Update” to the GPT Builder in the Create tab, it will also update the text that is the Instructions under the Configure tab.

You almost certainly don’t want this to happen.

It is probably best to copy and save those Instructions somewhere first, then paste them back into the Instructions area after the Update has been done.

Nothing was changed in my instructions when I saved with “update”

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@neil.gordon I just tested it:

  1. Made a change in configure.
  2. Clicked on update on the upper left.
  3. Switched to create and types “update”
    and my changes were still there after page reload.
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@dror @magnum6 Thanks. Good to hear your Instructions didn’t change. They did for me when I asked the Builder to “Update”. That could be because I had been editing them extensively, rather than relying on what the Builder made for me.

Still probably good insurance to grab a copy of the Instructions just in case. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@neil.gordon , yeah, saving a copy of the instructions as you go is crucial.
I thought that I might be able to use a shortcut by having it call a function that would fetch the instructions from a URL I control, but digging further, it looks like the “instructions” are part of the “system” prompt, and everything else has lower priorities.
So GPTs are nice for experimentation, but for real engineering, it’s back to the API.
The other area where I see limitation of GPTs is in context window trimming. I suspect I’ll want to control this, rather than use the defaults.


Yeah I’ve had the same experience. I have started versioning my instructions for easy rollback in case of accidental regression.

Can you please explain how you version the instructions provided to GPTs?

Sure. A simple approach could be using GitHub itself, a Google doc, or a local text file.

I built a tool that reads the instructions and saves difs in the instructions like GitHub does files in a repository. I have it connected to various knowledge sources and APIs to help build the Instructions according to best practices. You can try it if you like.

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So in the end, I had to resort to copy and pasting and indeed saving to a file that is versioned on github.