Custom GPT Actions are not working

Actions seem to be broken in the Custom GPT builder.

I initially noticed this with my custom GPT. I was attempting to add another action to my .yml, but every single time the action was failing. It was not even calling my API at all (aka it failed before it even hit my API).

I think created a basic test GPT that hits a cat facts endpoint. Here is my actions YML:

openapi: 3.0.0
  title: Cat Facts API
  version: "1.0"
  - url:
    description: Main (production) server
        - Facts
      summary: Get Random Fact
      description: Returns a random fact
      operationId: getRandomFact
        - name: max_length
          in: query
          description: maximum length of returned fact
          required: false
            type: integer
            format: int64
          description: successful operation
                type: string
          description: Fact not found

Is anyone else running into this or have any tips on how to debug this? Very little information is exposed when testing it and things go wrong making for a frustrating developer experience.

Got in touch with OpenAI’s support team, and got it working again :slight_smile:

What’s was the issue? I’m having the same problem.

Yes, please. What was the culprit? Can you please share the solution?

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Looks like an issue with actions is back. Also with this example I have “Error talking to”.


Try removing authentication and re-adding it? Or duplicating the custom GPT and trying again? Seems like this is what fixed the same issue for me.

Running into the same issue “Error talking to”. Tried duplicating (there’s no authentication) but that didn’t fix it.

Removing the action and re-adding it helped.