GPT Builder Issues Rendering the Software Unusable


I am a high schooler on a robotics team attempting to create a chat bot for other competitiors to use and ask questions regarding our robotic competitions.

I have complied an extensive folder of PDFs to supply the GPT persona with data.

In the past three days I have encountered issues while working with GPT Builder

  1. “Error saving draft”
  • I have noticed while prompting the GPT chat bot specifically with PDFs it will haphazardly prompt me with the error above.
    -Following this error majority of the work prompted to the GPT Builder is erased resulting in me having to work from scratch.
  1. In consistent saving
  • In light of the issue above I attempted to save my bot every query I made.
  • This did not help; the GPT would randomly choose parts of the instructions I prompted to remember and parts to forget even after clicking the “update” tab

Has anyone else been experiencing these issues?

If not am I going about utilizing GPT builder wrong and is this a user error?

Yes. Unfortunately, in my experience the builder doesn’t really function at all. I get the same errors that you’ve described. I’ve been able to resolve the “error saving draft” by limiting myself to no more than 10 pdfs. But even once I’ve been able to update it successfully, it simply doesn’t function. It’s unable to draw on the materials I’ve uploaded in any helpful way. Sometimes it doesn’t even attempt to respond to the query I’ve submitted, and will instead (for example) randomly generate an image. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on it and have never been able to get it to function properly. I keep searching the web for an announcement describing the source of the problem – and ideally indicating that it’s been fixed. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more widespread complaints.

PDFs are not the way to go. Chat gpt is apparwntly good with apDFs while using specific plugins; it’s not able to navigate through them without using those plugins or creating one. I guess clearly labeled text files are the preferred data type. I still get the error, but I can load over 30 or 40 text files of varying sizes.