Errors when asking custom GPT to check its knowledge in depth

Hello everyone! I’ve been experimenting with custom GPTS and their uses. I’m currently developing an app using Flutter and Dart so I made a custom GPT to help me with some issues I’ve been having. It works surprisingly well when I can get it to actually work.

When I built my custom GPT I gave it multiple PDFs containing information about flutter and dart and how they work. I want my custom GPT to consult that knowledge when I first use it. Whenever I ask it to do so it’ll check the knowledge and give me a response back but then when it’s finished or close to finished with its response it’ll instantly error out. I’ve tried compressing the PDF files to make them smaller. I’ve tried converting them to .txt files to see if that would help too. I can get the GPT to work sometimes but it is rare. It just gets stuck on checking the knowledge base that I’ve given it. Has anyone else that has had this issue found a solution?

disclosure: I think custom gpts are mostly a gimmick

I suspect that gpt-4 might already have enough knowledge about dart/flutter to answer without the retrieval steps.

for a proper rag you might consider using a proper framework :|

Use json format instead. ChatGPT will bee never lost your information