GPT-4 is here! OpenAI's newest language model

Is there a way to provide the video m in Portuguese, Brazil language?

i whis to know, when can use GPT-4. in my playground, model is only 3.5 turbo… ? so when change=?

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If you have paid an API bill in the past you should have it this week, if you have not used the API enough to generate a bill that you have paid then you will get access by the end of the month.

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well, i’m prety sure i uses in JUNE, and pay…: see :smiley:

I think anything under 50 cents gets rolled over, not sure what the exact amount is, I don’t think that will have been taken from your payment method.

I am currently using gpt-3.5-turbo api, and my usage is comparatively less so i cannot cap my monthly usage of even a dollar. But for usage of gpt-4 we need a minium one transaction, if i take gpt-plus subscription will i be able to use gpt-4 model in my react API?

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ChatGPT Plus subscriptions are not counted.

The link to the waitlist does not work for me - goes here: How can I access GPT-4? | OpenAI Help Center

I have paid the 20USD per mth and also via the GTP-3.5 - still I cannot see GPT-4.0 in the Playground - why? (Denmark located)

The decision whether you get GPT-4 now or a bit later has already been made.

There is no point now in trying to meet that past criteria.

You also weren’t getting off the prior GPT-4 waitlist if you weren’t already an active API developer…

Why? Follow this link and see if your payment method on file, specifically for the pay-per-use API system, has been billed for your prior non-trial API usage:

The ChatGPT API and ChatGPT Plus subscription are billed separately.