GPT-4 is here! OpenAI's newest language model

Thank you for access to the API. Here is what we are building ChatStart - Build ChatGPT powered business. Fast!

  1. Love that API did not change between 3.5 and 4. We just had to swap the model parameter out to make our app work
  2. Noticing the difference in certain use cases like multilingual and math reasoning.
  3. Cannot wait to access multimodal as our use case is already mashing up DALL.E and ChatGPT in same session and chatbot UX.
    You guys are awesome!! Keep shipping fast… :slight_smile:

I kindly advise everyone to read this GPT-4 research report by OpenAI, dated March 15, 2023 (hot off the press), some of which I have summarized in excepts for those who don’t like (or have the time) reading research papers;

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Hello, the GPT-4 API registration keeps saying that there is a problem with my application over, and over again.