GPT 4 API not available non regards invitation mail

I got the e-mail, that I got invited to try out the GPT4 API but however can’t choose it in playground nor is it shown anywhere else that I can work with it.

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Hi @magnus_richter,

welcome to the community. In the mail it states “API”, so have you tried out using it with the API?

Refer to this for instructions: API Reference - OpenAI API

Please note that in some cases you have to generate a new API-Key first and then be able to use GPT4 with your API-Request.

Welcome to the community @magnus_richter

You’ll be able to use it once you switch to chat mode in the playground using the drop-down menu on the right.


Here are 3 common things to check:

Add a payment method
I don’t think you can use GPT-4 without adding a credit card — or at least I’ve seen quota issues with users who just got the API invite. To avoid this, just add a credit card — the API is reasonably priced.

Organization settings
Make sure the organization fields are populated with an organization name and ID, otherwise populate them here. You also need to set the default org in OpenAI API to be the org that gets invited for the limit beta.

Can’t access ChatGPT 4 in Playground?
Make sure the orgs settings are correct (see above) and that the “Mode” dropdown is set to “Chat”. Then select GPT-4 in the “Model” dropdown.

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When is it generally available?

you pay chatGPT Plus? or just added the payment method?, because i have the invitation of try the gpt4 api beta, but i dont pay chatGPTPlus and i dont have access to the gpt4

I just added a payment method, I do not pay for GPT Plus

Make sure you have credits on your account or a valid payment method, then make sure you are trying to access the Playground or API via the email that was actually granted GPT-4 access.