I have invit to the GPT-4 API beta, i need to pay GPTPlus?

hi, well you fine.
I have the invitation 1 week ago to the gpt4 api beta. And i add a payment method. but i dont have still access to the model gpt-4 or in the payground in the mode chat. So i want to ask if i need to pay chatGPTPlus 20$ to access to the beta in the api? Or just with the payment method?

You don’t need the $20 account. I don’t have a ChatGPT account, just API, and I get GPT-4 in the Playground, under Chat dropdown. Do a hard refresh on the browser if it doesn’t show up.


And make sure you are accessing the model via whatever account you received the GPT-4 access email from.

Still don’t get my GPT-4 API, can you please help?

I got the access sometime back but not able to access it either in Playground or API. Can someone please help.